Student transportation for Dillon School District #10 is run by the Beaverhead County High School Transportation Department.

If you have questions about transportation, please call the Bus Barn at (406)683-4244.

If you would like to register your student to ride the bus, please fill out the form below.

Bus Routes

1.-  Dewey/Melrose /Hwy 91 N Rte: will originate (6:50 a.m.) at Dewey then go to Melrose pick up all students on Hwy 91 to Pioneer Subdivision Road (7:53 a.m.)  200 miles

2.-  Meadowlark/Antelope/Beaverhead Lane Rte: will originate (7:33 a.m.) at the end of Meadowlark, Antelope, Beaverhead, Buffalo Dr., Freeman Lane and Cottonwood Trailer Court (7:56 a.m.)  26 miles

4.-  Wisdom Rte: will originate (6:31 a.m.) at Wisdom and will pick up all students on Hwy 278 to Interstate 15, in city at S. Dakota & Dillon St.,California & Dillon St., Arizona & Dillon St., Arizona & Reeder St.  (8:00 a.m.)  280 miles

5.- Hwy 41 N./Anderson Lane/Hwy 91 N Rte: will originate (7:20 a.m.) at Parmenter Ranch Hwy 41 and pick up all students south to Anderson Lane, west to Hwy 91 N. and then on to Pioneer Subdivision and Skyline Trailer Court on Hwy 91 to Hwy 41 and Beaverhead Villa (8:00 a.m.)  61 miles

6.- Grant/Barretts Station/Sawmill Rd./Hwy 91 S Rte: will originate (7:02 a.m.) at the Lemhi Pass-Trail Creek Road and will pick up all students on Hwy 324 to Interstate 15, to Barrett interchange, to Big Sky Truck Stop, to Sawmill Road continue on to Hwy 278 to Hwy 91 S. picking up all students to Atlantic St., Poindexter & S. Pacific St., Normal & S. Pacific St., Dillon & S. Pacific St. (7:57a.m.)  192 miles

7.- Rebich Subdivision/Nissan Ln./Carter Cr./Sweetwater Rte: will originate (7:25 a.m.) at Rebich Subdivision picking up students to Nissan Lane, to Carter Creek, to Sweetwater Road west to Fox Run Subdivision , to DEW Subdivision, to Ibeyville. (7:59 a.m.)   28 miles

8.-  Carrigan Lane/Eliason/Old Stage Road/Flynn Ln./Blacktail Road Rte: will originate (7:13 a.m.) at Carrigan Lane & Hwy 91 S. picking up students south on Carrigan,  to Flynn going east to Blacktail Road, south to the Matador, returning north to Smith Road & Thatcher Dr., Blacktail Road to Hwy 91 S. (7:58 a.m.)  56 miles

9.-  Argenta Rte: will originate (7:25 a.m.) in Argenta, turn around proceed back to Dillon via Stonehouse Road, Ten Mile Road , West Park St., with stops at Reeder & Bozeman (8:02) 58 miles

10.-  Webster Lane Rte: will originate (7:35 a.m.) at Mountain View Drive, turn around and back on Webster Lane, Fern Lane, Clayton Lane, Bryce Lane and Grant Lane, up Laknar Lane to Schuler Lane,  Selway Drive.  (7:58 a.m.)  22 miles

11.- Lovers Leap/Schuler Lane Rte: will originate (7:30 a.m.) at Lovers Leap and proceed to Schuler Lane to Laknar Lane to Pioneer Dr. Shady Nook Trailer Court to Western Mobile Village to Fairway Drive on Hwy 41. Ramshorns to Snowcrest Apts.  (7:55 a.m.)  25 miles

12.-  Stoddard Lane/Stone Creek / Hwy 41 Rte: will originate (7:30 a.m.) at Stoddard Lane to Stone Creek Road to Hwy 41 picking up students on Hwy 41/Montana Street to corner of Butte St. & Montana St. (7:55 a.m.)  53 miles                                                            

13.- Barrett Station / Old Stage Road / Eliason Lane Rte: will originate (7:40 a.m.) Barrett Station, crossing railroad tracks to Old  Stage Road & Eliason Lane then Carrigan Lane &  Hwy 91 S. (8:00 a.m.)  45 miles