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This FREE resource from the Cook Center for Human Connection offers parents access to courses, delivered by licensed therapists, on topics such as helping a child with depression, identifying anxiety, and coping with grief and loss. is free to schools as a resource on their website, providing all of their parents a trusted place to go for real answers and support for their children.

Parent Guidance Logo has tools to help your child manage stress and develop routines in an ever changing environment. has information and tools for children at every age to address a variety of challenges. provides easy-to-use tools to support your child’s success from birth through the teen years.

New apps, new games, new drugs, new “online” challenges. Ever feel like it’s impossible to keep up with today’s ever-changing culture? As parents ourselves, we’ve been there. Our parent handbooks are designed to bridge the gap between the world you grew up in and the world your kids are growing up in today.

The content will help you “keep up” so you can “speak up” and have meaningful conversations with your kiddos. Our free monthly webinars are designed to let you dig deeper on a particular issue and connect with a community of parents. We can do this. We’re the number one influence in the lives of our children.

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Montana 2-1-1 connects you with the community resources, services, and assistance you need.

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